Creating USB drive for windows install


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I'd like to know how to : create an USB drive, with (let's say) 3 partitions. On each partition there will be the installation files, for different Windows installations. In this way, I have all my Windows install CD's on ONE single USB-drive.

Is this possible ? :wtf:

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Be prepared to have a large drive for this if you plan on putting on W7/Vista. Format each partition as NTFS, place all the files from each install on separate partitions. Create a small boot partition at the beginning of the drive and use Grub4Dos to configure a multiboot that can chainload which installation you would like to startup.
No need for that, actually.

Just copy the WIM images for the setups to different folders on a flash disk, use EasyBCD to modify a boot\bcd file on the flash disk to add WIM entries for each of the setup images (be sure to use the "force boot" option). After making sure \bootmgr is present, run bootsect.exe and bootsect.exe /mbr on the flash drive.
Be sure to use EasyBCD Beta Build 66 when it comes out.... Because it has some nice improvements for multiple WIM entries.