Creative Audio Has New Vista 2.11.0000 Drivers


Just the day before they released the new XP audigy drivers - this is impressive, esp. coming from Creative, they guys that used to update their drivers once every 5 years.
Yes, they seem to have turned over a new leaf these days. I almost didn't buy my audio card when I read all the bad news about them, but they seem to have improved no end.
:frowning: Seems like they don't have drivers for the older versions of SB Live! Cards :shame:
Anybody has any idea which other card driver works with my SB Live! 5.1 DE (PCI)? I seem to be having 1 problem with this card in Vista. The problem is that i can be listening to MP3 songs using Winamp & hit the "Mute", there is no effect at all. I still hear the song. For some reason the mute function does not work in both the windows speaker icon and my keyboard mute button. Any ideas?

Oh.....thanx to a very kind person for introducing me to this site. Managed to get my M$ Keyboard & Mouse to work using the .ini file :laugh:
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I missed your post with the other new threads cropping up - we generally advise that people start new threads :smile:

That's my sound card too - grab the latest SB X-Fi drivers for XP and force an install via the device manager.
Well, the driver from neosmart does not work :frowning: It install fine but the speaker gives out this sharp sound like putting 2 mic side by side. Seem to be the same problem with the SB X-Fi driver from Creative too :frowning: Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated.
OK, then make sure "Digital Audio" is _unchecked_ in the advanced tab of playback devices of your sound card under sound settings.
Nup....still does not work. All i get is this sharp sound after installing the new driver from SB & Neo. The Digital Audio is already unchecked. Any other way to solve the mute problem?
You mean the Intel Chipset .INF driver? Well, i did not cos i could not find a compatible version for my Asus P4P800-X Motherboard.
Thanx for not giving up yet. Really appreaciate it. I've installed the .inf files but i still get the same problem with both the SB & Neo driver. One think i know is that with those drivers, the mute function works cos i can mute the noise but that's about all :tongueout: Let me try this drivers and i'll update here again.
Nah...this is not your's your hobby :tongueout: Well.....i downloaded KX driver and installed says cannot load after i restart my PC. Now i'm back to where i started.....sound with no mute function.

OT: What codec pack does not have problem with Vista? I'm using K-Lite codec and the DivX seems to be causing a "Com Surrgate" error....something like that. i realized Vista is not all that stable after all :tongueout:
Yeah, the cannot load error is BS and doesn't mean anything.

Can you mute the sound via the audio control panel? Is it only the keyboard mute button that doesn't work? does not mute at all. Even from audio control panel.

Also, i notice that in the audio control panel, under properties of speaker, there is a "levels" tab. I notice that the Player Control number can be 8 while my volume is showing 22 on the taskbar. Is that normal?