Creative Problems Again!

Mak 2.0

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Alright. Here we go again. Build 5472 and still no drivers for the Creative Audigy 2 ZS. I have tried all methods. The Beta, regular, kX Project drivers. Thru regular install and XP SP2 Compatability mode. Not one way worked. I even went for the .inf files and had Vista search for them. Nothing has worked. any ideas or advice CG?
Yes i also tried windows update and i tried having Vista search for them thru the Device Manager. Neither worked. :frowning:
Nope 32 Bit. I have tried everything i can think of along with using Driver Remover Pro to get rid of any left over driver residue from former driver installs. Nothing has worked to date. :rage:
I had this happen to me before:
1) Take out the sound card
2) Boot.
3) Shutdown.
4) Switch the sound card and another PCI card around.
5) Boot and install

The problem is that Windows gets the PCI hardware allocation data wrong.. haven't had it happen on Vista, but it's happened to me a couple of times on XP.
Yep, it should work, I've had quite a few emails from people telling me the steps worked for them.

The problem is that Vista has 'corrupted' it's 'identification' of the card. You need to switch PCI slots for it to work again.
Only problem is that i dont have a empty slot to switch it with. The fan i have on my Video Card is aftermarket and it takes up more room so that i lose a PCI slot.

Its alright though. I have formatted this one and installed Longhorn Server Beta 2. But that dont ahve sound either. :crazy:
OK, if you formatted it should be alright now...

Install the kX project drivers, those should work.
the kX should even work on the Longhorn Server Beta? Now that is interesting. But with no WMP to try it out with i wont know for sure.

BTW the EasyBCD app works like a charm. Was able to edit it and get rid of the VIsta Entry to just have the Server one. :unamused:
Glad to hear it :smile:
Just you wait for EBCD 1.5, I swear it'll blow your mind away.

Anyway, get Media Player Classic from Softpedia and install that on LH Server, it'll work..