Creative SB Audigy 4 Vista Drivers Work Fine


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Finally got my new sound board and duly installed it, with great trepidation, as I had so much trouble a while back getting the onboard Soundmax 4 to work in Vista although I eventually succeeded.
Prior to installing I tried uninstalling Soundmax from my Vista partition...wouldn't go via the Installed Programs route. I uninstalled it in the Device Manager. I disabled onboard sound in the BIOS also. (Not sure if that was really necessary - maybe someone can advise me on this?)
Installed the Vista drivers for SB Audigy a treat.
Then I decided to go the registry route and remove as much Soundmax as I could. Most of its gone now.
So far - so good! :sunglasses:

(P.S. I got a weird board error when posting this...but it posted anyway...?)
Great news Peter :grinning:

Disabling onboard audio used to be required for Windows 2000 and below, as it would cause IRQ conflicts and stuff. It is still advised, unless you plan on using both (seperately obviously). It minimizes a lot of risks and stuff.

I'm glad it works great for you.. how's the sound? can you tell the difference? (Thinking of upgrading myself..)

'weird board error'
What does that mean? Do you remember what it said?