c't Desinfec't 2012 ISO with EasyBCD

I try to integrate c't Desinfec't 2012 ISO (Ubuntu) into EasyBCD on an USB stick.

I can start c't Desinfec't 2012 from Stick (the Desinfec't menu pops up) but then:

  • I receive about 100 warnings: "Can't open dev/sr0/ - No medium found"
  • Finlay the boot stops with "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.

Some Google tipps recommended to disable Floppy in BIOS, but my BIOS does not have this option.

Do you have any recommendations?

Many thanks - sg08234


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Have you tried both load from memory and load from disk modes?
I tried both (load from memory and load from disk): No success

I tried on a second PC with floppy: No success

Any further idea(s)?

Many thanks - sg08234