custom cd / dvd labels


does anyone know of where I can get custom labels

for recovery or self made install discs of windows xp, vista and 7

I'm not after original art work, I want cool custom stuff - I can't draw myself :shame::frowning:

Look into LIghtscribe capable burner and discs. Using software that supports it you can burn custom images/words onto your discs.
I have a lightscribe burner

I'm after the artwork, similar to what's available at / World's Largest CD Covers and DVD Covers Album Art

but I'm not after pirated stuff or original artwork, I've made my own recovery discs and slipstreamed discs and want something different / cooler than original artwork, or just text (that I'm capable of)
some time ago I came across a site where people made there own custom background or logon screens ... cant find it again though

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I know that Stardock has a lot of programs that do stuff. They are at Wincustomize. But i dont know if that is what your looking for.

What i think your looking for is something similar to a printer than can print on special disks or print out sticky lables that you can place on your CD/DVD to give them a custom label right? Most of them come with their own type of software.

Something along the lines of this right?