Custom OS icons in metro bootloader

I've seen a couple other forum posts about this on the net, but surprisingly very little activity on them. In the Metro* bootloader, Windows 10 (and 8) get a cool modern Windows logo for the icon next to the Win 8/10 boot option. 7's boot icon is a number 7 inside a Window (ugly).

I'd like all OS icons to be customizable, particularly so they can be made to correspond with the design of Windows 8/10's modal boot icons. For example, my Windows XP boot icon is just a blank window, and it's pretty unappealing and urks me a bit.
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I feared that might be the answer given..I doubt anyone will create software to customize those, so I'll just have to live with it. On the other hand, those icons HAVE to be image files stored in Windows' system files somewhere.. I'm not holding my breath but I'll do a little more googling..


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True, a good subject for an in-depth Google Search I would say.