Daily Caffeine Intake May Protect Against Alzheimers


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According to a BBC news article today, a daily dose of caffeine (think coffee, Bawls, Pepsi!) has been proven to dramatically reduce the amount of cholesterol reaching the brain; helping prevent dementia, strokes, and other brain-crippling conditions people face in their later years.

A vital barrier between the brain and the main blood supply of rabbits fed a fat-rich diet was protected in those given a caffeine supplement.
UK experts said it was the "best evidence yet" of coffee's benefits.

The "blood brain barrier" is a filter which protects the central nervous system from potentially harmful chemicals carried around in the rest of the bloodstream.
Other studies have shown that high levels of cholesterol in the blood can make this barrier "leaky".

Alzheimer's researchers suggest this makes the brain vulnerable to damage which can trigger or contribute to the condition.

The University of North Dakota study used the equivalent to just one daily cup of coffee in their experiments on rabbits.

After 12 weeks of a high-cholesterol diet, the blood brain barrier in those given caffeine was far more intact than in those given no caffeine.

Good news for the caffeine addicts here :smile:
i dont really drink much caffeine, i dont drink coffee (thankfully) and my only really soda i drink is mountain dew. i dislike Pepsi (and other cola's they are bad anyways, with that Carmel and all)

so i guess ill be a demented problem riddened stroke having middle age person (lol)
lol, I wouldn't mind the dying early part. It's the bit about living to a ripe, old age and not knowing how you are that scares me :wink:

it t'was a joke

i except to be ridden with many problems when i get old enough, i have lived too well thus far, unless i just will be midly well my entire life.

no coffee really helps lol
I don't like coffee a lot, I drink it a few times a year, roughly said. But I have so say... milk is healthy, I drink it from time to time. :smile: (And killing myself with a lot of coca cola)
There is NO substitute for a good "cuppa" (tea - English colloquial idiom) I drink it in pint mugs, generally 4 per day.

(hey, and don't knock old age, there are one or two of us around here who are a bit sensitive on that subject !)

(Wise old saying - "Who wants to be 90 years old ?"

Anyone who's 89 ! )
my one big vice is Pepsi I'm seriously addicted to it if i don't drink at least 2 cans on school days i get a serious headache that not any amount of Pepsi can cure.


ohh i forgot by the way liv your life day by day or att least week by week anyone whoe's 90th birthday isn't in another week don;t worry and anyways i find it scary living so old that you outlive everyone you knew
It's one thing to outlive your wife but another to outlive you children
that was said by charles westmorllen from prison break after discovering that his daughter only had 1 more week to live
who watches prison break by the way????????
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I think i have to agree with Kahai. I dont really drink too much Pepsi/Coke. And if i do its rarely.
I do however drink 7UP/Sprite but not that often. I think my problem is that i can go to sleep whenever i want. Even if i drink a cup of coffee before i go to sleep i can still pull it off. So its a curse (cant stay awake long enough when i have to) and a blessing (can sleep whenever i want)
Great i have to get on the ball and get myself going. I have not drank any soda or coffee for at least a year now.
^ thats pretty much a good thing mak

soda and coffee are expensive, im sure you have bills to pay that are more important then those drinks

8 cups a day of water. thats my normal drink.

oh and another way to keep colestoral out of your brain is to not eat so dang much of it lol


i never was messing around with our older members.
It's cheaper to buy a 500ml bottle of Pepsi here than it is to buy a 500ml bottle of Aquafina, etc.

Terry: I drink at least a cup of Earl Grey a day - is that what the British prefer?
^ guru

bottled water is mostly a lie

i drink tap water. its better for you then purified. makes your immune system stronger lol
here one bottle one Evian (1 liter) costs 60s.r. which is around $21.00 give or take a few bucks while a 2.25 liter Pepsi costs 4S.R. around a buck so i think its better for bills if i take Pepsi
I only buy bottled water when I need to drink on the go... which is almost always, now that I think of it.

I used to drink tap water in the States. Here tap water can kill you. It's so hard (calcium concentrations) and filled with nasty microbial bacteria and stuff.
yeah i know you can tell that from examining an electric kettle after a few uses the bottom would be covered with layers of white calcium, ughhhh
Well i usually drink tap water or i use Ice Tea mix and make some ice tea. Not like the stuff you Brits have. But it is good for me to have. It has a bit of sugar but no caffine or anything like that in it. Most of the time it is just water from the tap. Here it isnt so bad. Bt when i lived closer to downtown you cant drink from the tap.
I like Earl Grey CG, but my daily half gallon is a personal blend 50/50 Darjeeling and Ceylon.