Data Execution Prevention (DEP) closing Firefox 3 and Flock 2.1


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Recently, after installing Firefox 3 on download day, was greatly looking forward to using it after testing all the betas. But, Dep gave me a sever problem. henever i closed firefox intentionally (using the close button ) a message pops up saying that DEP closed Firefox for security. I uninstalled it after i learned about Flock browser, and now the same problem arises. i know that both browsers are based on the same chrome programming base. When i tried to add the browser to the DEP exclusion list, it says this program needs to run with DATA Execution Prevention enabled.

What should i do.

oNe website where it closed my browser was the download page of Notepad ++ (
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My suggestion is to leave DEP enabled, when closing Firefox, clear your browser cache, under tools, clear browser cache, restart browser and go to the site that made your browser crash, go to tools again, and error console, check and see if this webpages your consulting as errors, if so, click on the delete tab, and refresh your page. The problem should be resolved. Tell me how you did and if your browser keeps crashing.

Hope this answers your posts.

DEP is a thing that needs to be on for Windows and some of its installed applications. Like Windows Update.

some browsers will not react without DEP. If you want DEP off you might have to find a different browser not based off the Gecko code base which Firefox and Flock are. Maybe something like Safari or Opera.

Turning DEP back on will resovle your issues.

Mak, DEP doesn't need to be enabled for Windows to work. While on Windows Vista x64 you can't disable it for security reasons, Windows is perfectly capable of running without it as can be seen on Vista x86 where you can use EasyBCD to completely disable DEP without any adverse effects.