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i have downloaded vista and i dont know what to do next,,plz help me/guide me what should i do,,these are the pictures to let u know where i stand with my computer after downloading vista..
thank you all in advance for ur help,support and guidance,,
thank you very much,,
i know i have to burn this on dvd,,i have nero installed,,please let me know with tutorial step by step,,what to do and how to do,,thanx again
i am new to computer world,,
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Can't see your pictures (they are white x's) but what you need to do is download the recovery disc iso. This disc well not re-install Windows, but only help you to fix an existing installation that is not booting correctly.

Nero should be fine for burning it to a disc. Just look for a feature that allows you to burn ISO files to discs and you should be fine.

Once you have booted from the disc, check out Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki for some screenshots and further instructions.


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as u instructed me for downloading recovery disk too,,i did that,,but the funny thing is,,when i opened recovery disk folder,,its all the same,,these three folders,,boot ,,sources and boot mgr are already in the folder which i have downloaded(i have downloaded vista)..whats next,,what should i do??

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Where did you download Vista? There is no download available from Microsoft publically to download it. Also you have to give a file format.

the REcovery CD is in ISO format. You DO NOT extract it. You burn the ISO as a whole.

Burning ISO Images to a CD or DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

there are a bunch of guides in our Wiki on how to do that.