Debian Linux


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I've Debian Linux, after insallation and reboot i get:

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 debian tty1
debian login:
After i log in with my username and password i get:

username@debian: ~$
So, where is graphic interface, waht is wrong?! :rage:
Hello Sarge,
I'm really sorry about this delay - but I've been awake more than 24 hours working on legal matters and coding VisualBCD.

So - back to the topic on hand.
How did you install it?
It seems that you didn't install XOrg, the "visual" part of linux... that should have been an option in a normal setup.

If you did install it or aren't sure, try typing
OK, im going to try that. I'll be back in a 10 minutes.

Hey, VisualBCD is a work of art, but i'll get to that later :grinning:
OK, its not working.
Command unknown it says.
I'm going to reinstall and try not to miss that part this time.
I think i have the solution! :smile:
Ti was too small linux partition, so, is there any tool to make a new partition if the partition still have data on it, but also some free space, so i want to take that free space with out damaging the other data on it.
Hey Sarge, I'm glad you figured it out.

Yeah, Debian is like Mandrake, it'll install according to the free space.. totally forgot.

Use a Live Linux CD with GParted (free) or get (better but more expensive) Acronis Disk Director Suite 10