delay issues


new computer, completely empty other than recentley added microsoft office and optimization software with registry booster, my computer was having some driver issues and had to restore it cause it kept crahing (althuogh it was pretty fast and quick in responding to actions) since then i added those programs mentioned.
Now, the issue is that my computer has slowed down some in response to basic actions like opening explorer or any other program window, tabs, buttons even higlighting the close/minimize buttons


any help would be great
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Well it could be the registry booster that you applied. Anything that messes with the registry always has a adverse affect on Windows. They say they help but they hurt more than anything.

Are you using XP or Vista?
Press ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager, go to the processes tab, sort by CPU usage then memory usage and see what's taking up the most in both places.

And like Mak asked: XP or Vista?