Delete entry before restoring or edit later ?



This is my set up:

Drive 1, Partition 1 - Windows7 64bit
Drive 2, Partition 1 - Windows7 32bit
Drive 3, Partition 1 - Windows XP Pro

I want to remove the Windows7 os in drive 2 and replace with a backup image of Windows7 64bit

I want to know if I should delete the drive 2 os entry before restoring the image..... OR edit after restoring

Thank you !
Doesnt matter. As for restoring a backup of your other system so you have two of the same system on the drive I'm not sure if that'll work too well. Might be better off formatting that partition and putting a fresh install on there.
I restored the image without MBR (using Acronis True Image)

Worked fine ....did not have to do anything in EasyBCD except edit the name