Delete/Remove .ocx ActiveX Control file (Flash.ocx)


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Those of you who are impatient but would still like to read my extended story, please enjoy and giggle; those of you who are just impatient - and rightly so -, skim down to """"HERE'S THE CATCH"""". I would GREATLY appreciate any of your time to help me - THANK YOU
I recently installed Windows XP on my computer (with Windows 7 already on) with the hope to obtain the option to dual boot both Operating Systems. This endeavour was only for funzies and in hindsight was a colossal mistake. I ended up completely xxxxxx up my boot files and had to do a system recovery back to the Initial State (which thankfully wasn't that long ago). So now I'm doing fine back with Windows 7.
HERE'S THE CATCH; the system recovery removed Windows XP from the computer but kept a small, annoying remnants of the OS - that being some system files in two folders called "WINDOWS" and "WINDOWS.0" or something of the kind. So being the neat-freak that I am, I wanted to delete all the files left over (on the allocated, partitioned HDD). I was kinda successful, deleting all files and folders except the ones called "Flash.ocx" - there are two of these files in both of the main folders that I mentioned before. Originally they were in the "system32" folder and then the "Macromed" folder within that - or something like that - but I deleted those folders that contained it). So now there are two "flash.ocx" files on my HDD (not the Windows 7 one) that I can't delete no matter what I try - taking ownership and giving permissions. Does anyone have any idea HOW TO DELETE THESE .ocx (ActiveX Control) FILES. THEY ARE SO ANNOYING!!!!!
I would GREATLY appreciate any of your time to help me - THANK YOU.
I take it you have one hard drive with two partitions. One for win 7 and one for XP. You could try to format the xp partition and extend it so you would have just one partition for Win 7.