Delete vista installed on primary part c:


I have the following vista multiboot :
vista on primary partition c: this is the system drive for both vistas!!!
vista1 on primary partition e:
primary partition d: contains both pagefiles
primary partition f: is empty
EASYBCD is installed and I have the option to choose which vista I want to boot ---all works ok!
My question is this --I want to delete the vista on primary partition c: ---by using maybe fdisk??? but this of course will delete the boot folder on partion c: and thats where the problems will begin. I need maybe to clone the boot folder to primary partition e:???
Another solution might be to shrink partition c: to a minimum just big enough to hold boot
Any ideas as how to proceed??
You could delete the C: partition if you no longer want to use that install, but it sounds as if the boot files needed to start up your 2nd instance of Vista are also on C:, so deleting the C: partition would probably prevent you from booting the remaining install. A simple startup repair from a vista dvd/recovery disc should repair the remaining installation for you automatically and make it bootable again after deleting C:, but you should consider backing up your files just in case before you proceed.