Deleted all OS boot files, need new ones


Hey guys.
I am in a bit of a tricky position. I installed Windows 7 a while ago on a second partition. I also have partitions for XP and Vista. I honestly don't use Vista anymore so I cleared off that partition. Unfortunately, that partition must have contained my boot files. So of course, I now get a boot error and the ominous "Operating system not found" message.

Anyways, I am wondering if there is a clever way to simply create/assign new boot files and have the system boot windows 7 using an easyBCD type program, or should I go the long route and reinstall an OS so I can re-add the boot files for 7.

Windows 7 and XP are still installed in their own partitions.

Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I will keep playing around with it on my end. Thanks a ton!

If 7 is on the second primary with XP on the last you might be able to move that forward once the Vista C primary was removed and rebuild the BCD store and boot information with the repair tools on the 7 dvd. In one case where the 7 RCs were on two separate drives made stand alone one being the host lacked the boot option for the second install.

The automatic startup repair tool recovered that installation and added into the host drive's BCD store. The MS page for both Vista and 7 for this using the recovery console option is seen at

Your best option and to see XP immediately added into the 7 BCD would be to perform a clean install on a new primary you could create in order to fill in the gap where VIsta had been. With EasyBCD afterwards once you saw a fresh 7 install go on you could set which one is set as default while recommending 7 of course as well as how long the boot option screen would be seen.
That makes sense. I will attempt to simply "repair" Windows 7 and that will likely solve the problem. If not, I will do a clean install like you said and create new boot entries from there. Thanks for your quick response. I will let you know how it all works out.
If you are now seeing a large gap between the start of the drive and the 7 primary you would likely end up simply backing everything up from the present 7 partition and removing that for one larger size fresh start.

You can use the Windows Easy Transfer tool in order to preserve files and setting as well. Once the clean install in on a new primary as well as the programs you had on you simply restore the backup you made. For the time being you could store that on the XP primary if enough room is present or another drive laying if needed.

It's also possible to move the partition and then expand it but could see problems if something didn't go right. That would save the installation time of everything. Once the clean install is on if you end up there be sure to create a system image if you have a second hard drive to use for backup.
I simply used the vista restore disk to fix the boot issue. My comp now boots using the Vista loader, but then runs windows 7. Guess they are similar enough not to be an issue. Thanks for your help!
Get EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
BCD Install/Repair
Recreate/Repair boot files
It will put the proper W7 files back and the boot will look like W7's again.

Or you could have done the repair with the W7 DVD instead of Vista, and it would have put the correct level of files there itself.
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Good point! The latest builds of EayBCD are geared for 7 and presetve the 7 boot logo screen as well.

For having a repair disk onhand for 7 if you lack the dvd you can download the iso for the repair tools disk,

or use the option included in 7 now for burning a repair cd. This includes the automatic startup repair tool, command console for manual operations, etc. there.