Deleted Entry In EasyBCD


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Vista Recovery Problems:

I had 2 different entries for the Boot Manager & Boot Loader. I accidently deleted the wrong entry for the Boot Manager & Boot Loader in EasyBCD. Now I can't access the system restore for that particular entry.

The deleted entry allowed me to get to the HP Recovery Manager using F11, and I could have done a factory restore. The F11 option no longer works.

The new (and wrong) entry does not let me use F11, even when I use the Vista recovery disks downloaded from this site. I'm left with an error message of "limited functionality" for Vista Home Basic.

When I use the recovery disks I can get into the Vista recovery part. I cannot access the HP Recovery Manager through the recovery.

There is a HP recovery partition of 8 gb, data is there, though, when I access the HP Recovery Manager proggy from the "C" drive, is says there are no files in the recovery partition.

Is there some way I can recover the EasyBCD deleted entry?


Also, I tried recovering using HPRM-BCDFix, but I was not able to get to the restore point of the deleted BCD entry.
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Use startup repair from the recovery disc two or three times until it has fixed everything or delete c:\boot\bcd and than try again to build a new store from scratch.