Deleted Item Loses Focus on Confirmation Dialog


EasyBCD has a little cosmetic problem with delete confirmation.

If I delete a entry from the 'Edit Boot Menu' the delete confirmation dialog ask me 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?' and (this is the problem) unmark the chosen entry. I could not verify, wether I delete the correct entry or not.
The entry settings should be viewable on the view settings page, or you can go advanced settings and give it a new name there in order to tell it from the others. If it helps basically the order the entries are displayed in is the order they well appear in the list. Unless I'm missing something are you asking that the delete confirmation include the details of the entry you're deleting?
I wrote all you must know:

Go to the menu 'Edit Boot Menu', mark a entry to delete, press the delete button and the delete confirmation dialog appears. But the marked entry is now unmarked.

What sense make the question 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?' if I don't see the marked entry? This is the cosmetic problem. Not really a
functional error.
I see what you mean. Definitely will fix in the next build, thanks for bringing it to my attention, slurp :smile: