Deleted windows bootloader files


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Installed EasyBcd to finish my debian install so I can dual boot win10 and debian. Blaming myself for being so stupid and clicking what I shouldnt have, But i clicked bcd backup/repair and clicked recreate repair boot files. Then proceeded to restart my pc.
Problem is windows doesnt even boot, in bios (uefi) theres windows boot manager, but windows boot into telling files are corrupt, when I insert win10 disc CMD repair yields no results too, I tried bootrec /fixmbr and some other bootrec commands and all i get is that cannot find file specified.
Automatic system repair cannot find any abnormalities, sfc /scannow nothing too, diskpart volumes seem to be at their place too. Also tried bcdedit restoring to defaulr, setting default path, etc etc, nothing...
Any ideas whats the problem and how could I fix it?


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If you run "repair your computer" > "startup repair" from your booted Windows installation DVD, you'll probably need three passes (reboot > rerun) before it's fixed everything that might be missing.
For some reason, it only fixes one thing at a time.
Try again and see if it resumes booting.