Deleted wrong Windows 7 OS


I had accidentally installed Windows 7 a second time, and having downloaded the EasyBCD I followed the steps and then deleted the second Windows 7 OS. I obviously should have gotten more information on this first because I deleted the wrong one. I can't access the correct one which has all my data on it. I'm hoping I can get the orginal information back and start over?? I admit that I was way too impulsive. Help!
Hi Char,

You're in luck, it's as easy as adding a new Windows 7 entry with the correct drive.
Hurray! How do I do this? Just as a note, I have evolved into our small business' IT person. I have learned by trial and error and this is why I have made some stupid mistakes, even though most things I have figured out with the help of alot of research and talking to various people.
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Hi Char,

Glad it's working, congratulations :smile:

Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.