Deleting my Win XP from my dual boot with Windows 7

Mark Bayani

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Good Day to all!

I just want to ask if there's a possibilities to delete/un-install my Windows XPfrom my dual boot state with Windows 7?

I have 1 harddisk only which is partition into 3 drives and all drives are primary partition.

XP(point of view) C:\winXP D:\Windows7
from Windows 7 (pov) D:\windows7 c:\winXP

in addition, from my computer management, it said:

C:\WinXP (System. active, primary partition)
E:\ (primary partition)
d:\Windows 7 (Boot, page file, crush dump, primary partition)

I wanted to use Windows 7 only and remove/delete completely the WinXP.

Thanks and more power!!


and because of my st*pid curiosity, I already remove windows XP from the OS selection (dual boot) using EasyBCD 1.7.2

hope this help (or worse?)



Also another question, Can I just copy the boot folder from the System disk partition (WinXP) and transfer it to my D:\ Windows 7 and make a startup fix? and completely wipe out the c:\WinXP?
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Hi Mark, welcome to NST.
All your W7 boot files will be on the XP "system" partition, so you can't just format it.
Have a read of this recent thread.