Deleting Win7 steps?


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Attached is a screen shot of the partition layout. I have XP, Win7 #1, Win7 #2 followed by some logical partitions. What I want to do is to delete the Win7 #2 partition. I am currently using HnS and was wondering what the best steps are to follow for deleting this partition and adding some of its space to the Win7 #1 partition.

Can I delete the partition via the Disk Manager window and then expand the Win7 #1 partition? Then use Hide N Seek to remove the old partition from the boot menu?



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Yep, just use disk management to delete that partition, than right click on your current W7 partition to extend it. You'll need to do it from W7 of course (not the install you're getting rid of).
Then just find the menu.lst on the XP partition and delete the lines which refer to the unwanted W7. You won't need to remove and rerun HnS. (it's essentially mostly a GUI for creating that menu.lst, and remove/rerun will end up back where you are now with those entries absent from the new menu.lst)