dell 1721 multibooting

You need to use a disk partition management program to create your partitions as primary.

You can only have 4 primary partitions on one drive or 3 primary partitions and unlimited logical partitions. Perhaps this is the problem?
Hello again....

I gave up on Gparted and partition magic and found a copy of my ultimate boot CD.

deleted media partition
created activ primary
Instaled XP
Got into Vista and set HnS....only saw one partition
problem was all primary was hidden from each other ....unhide Xp partition and booted Vista

Setup Hns and set all options....
shutdown and saw the boot oader option for both OS's clicked vista .....fine
restarted clicked Xp ....booted fine but now when I restart no bootloader option,so basically I am in XP.
Changed nothing with installation and waiting instructions or suggestions.
I don't quite understand the first part of your post. HnS doesn't hide XP partitions, only Vista.

The second part sounds like XP is default with timeout 0 so you're not getting a choice.
Check the menu.list and edit the timeout to non zero if that's the case.
You're not using iReboot are you ? That doesn't know about HnS so won't take you to the right place.

Post the current menu.lst here if above suggestion doesn't apply.
hey terry...
The hidden partition wan not because of HnS but because of teh msdos based partitioning software that initially hides all primary partitions from each other ....had to use another msdos based one to unhide and then HnS was able to see everyone...thhink I saw my timeout as o will check it back and edit it to 10.....

Is there a way to make vista default or did I miss it?

Also ...hod do I go about adding linux to HnS manager?


well ....went to try and change the 0 in the menu list....and vista is not allowing me to save it at I was gonna move it edit it and put it back and power failure.

Now I am in vista and HnS tells me fatal error ...cannot create file if it is already there option to uninstall what do you suggest ?
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First - you are only using HnS on Vista, right ? I'm not sure what problems might happen if you run it from XP, especially if Vista is hidden from it and it can't find what it needs to modify.

Second - when you run the UI on a Vista system with HnS active, the first thing it does is tell you, and give you a huge uninstall button as your first option.

Third - it should default to Vista as default and non-zero timeout, so you must have changed it somehow. The options to modify that stuff are in phase 4, click a bullet and then the button to "carry out selected option" or somesuch description, and it will take you to menus to change the OS descriptions, change default, change timeout etc, and also give you an option to call EasyBCD to change Vista's bootloader. (change timeout=0 there only to stop Vista displaying a second (now redundant) boot menu ).

Fourth - I haven't had problems editing menu.lst, try running as administrator.

Fifth, wait around for Guru for advice about adding Linux to the menu.lst. He'll know if it's possible.

Also if you've somehow got HnS into a broken state where you can't run it and can't remove it, you'd better wait around for Guru for advice on what to remove/rename etc.
thanks terry....

Everything you said is options to uninstall o r change it in I will ahve to wait and find out what I need to delete from guru.

Not sure how to get as administrator in vista.
thanks...checked out the menu.lst files to delete...not sure what HnS is seeing but telle me cannt install if file already exist...fatal error


well since guru is not here and I need this done...e went ahead and restored my vista hoping that it would wipe the drive and error....
well it did not work ....I now have a no key found unhandled error.

went from bad to worse.
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You can't use HnS in conjunction with other programs that hide partitions, that's begging for trouble.

At this point, install EasyBCD on Windows XP, and use Bootloader Management -> Restore Bootloader option.

Not using it like that partition on primary ..visible
xp partition on primary ...visible
recovery partition on primary ....visible

did not realise that the initial dos software I was uning made all primary partitions invisible from each other by default....when I realised that I used another software and unhid then from each other.

will try EBCD and see if I can use HnS after I try what you suggest.

well guru...

tried that EBCD and it did not help ...

went back to vista and tried HnS and same error that cannot install if file exist.
Not sure what to do now?
Really hitting crunch time with this pc, Am I missing something or are there files that I need to delete before HnS can install...
not seeing any menu.lst its not that....
waiting further instructions
Enable the viewing of system and hidden files, before you do anything else.

Search around for menu.lst, bootmgr.hns, or *.NUMBER_HERE.hns files and delete them.