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I am attempting to repair/recover a Dell Vista OS. I had done the automatic repair, and I am getting a windows prompt with the "Other User" login. I have read through some other posts, and it appears that I may have made a mistake and I should backup any important files before proceeding.

I have a fairly large hard drive. Can you point me to the documentation how to save my important stuff before doing a system restore, please?

Should I do anything else before backing up files and doing a system restore?

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So, disregard the previous request to view files using Ubuntu. I created a bootable CD and can see my hard drive just fine (I don't even get a mount error). Before I proceed with backing files up, is there any way to repair this? The biggest USB drive I have is 8GB and I have a 120GB hard drive, so I am trying to avoid purchasing more software/hardware? Did I miss a step with the repair utility?

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Do you mean repair the "Other User" login? Since you read the other topics you already know the answer since you are trying to backup your data.

No you did not miss anything, the OS has become corrupt and cant be fixed. Hence the suggestion to backup important data already suggested to others.
I have a Dell Inspiron 530. I have successfully saved all my critical files off using the Unbuntu (THANK YOU!!!). I have tried to repair both the C: and D: drives. In both cases, it completes the repair process and allows me to restart. Since Dell does not ship a copy of the OS (Vista) on disk, I am attempting to press F8 and restore to factory default, but it loads to the "Other User" before I get the Advanced Boot Options. Am I missing an option within the repair/recovery software to restore to factory default?


I have followed both ( and ( and I cannot get the Dell "Advanced Options" Menu to come up with F8 prior to the Windows splash screen. I can see my whole C:\ drive when I boot to Unbuntu (displayed as "OS"). Is there a way to recover the restore files on D:\ ?

I'll keep searching the forums, but appreciate any help/guidance!
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My situation has been rectified. I was not able to recover/repair my OS with the software I purchased, HOWEVER the support and documentation was well worth the money I invested. Saving all my files alone was priceless. I did request OS repair disks from dell, and reinstalled my OS from disc. Thank you for your time and help.