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hello all
I have a serious problem.. I hope this is the right place for get help..
this is my story

I bought 3 months ago Laptop Compaq Presario CQ61 with original windows vista copy
after i opened my pc at the first time immediately i've created recovery CD'S (12)

ok pc worked great..
I orderd from internet original copy of windows 7 which is upgrade (windows wista to windows 7)

so i've got 2 cd's now :
1. hp upgrade manager - insert this disc first
2. windows 7 home primium upgrade media

i installed them
every thing was perfect for about 12 days

until one morning that i've opened my laptop as usual
and got this message " widows failid to start a recent hardware or software change might be the cause"

so now i have two options :
1. start at repair mode - recommended
2. start windows normally

no matter what i choose i get loading logo
and after that just BLACK SCREEN

i've tryed safe mode at F8 and all other options from there
it wont work.. safe mode just load list of files and always stuck

after that i enterd to BIOS and did that CD will LOAD FIRST
so i insert my windws vista recovery CD
it just load with a gray line and after it comes 100%
i get black screen again

same with my original HP WINDOWS 7 CD'S

same with the ISO files at :

just nothing work

i want to format the laptop

can any one help me? try to lead me to do something else which i havent done??

thanks !!!




i tryed to insert XP windows cd
and it work !
i can install windows xp

so why other cd's wont work?
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