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I have a complex installation that previously worked but now the XP installation, needed to run certain peripherals, is no longer recognized by BCD and nothing seems to restore it. The motherboard is a newer ASUS 1355 with IFE bios. Drive 0 has no OS and is installed on the marvell sata 3 controller. Drive 1 is an SSD and is the boot drive running Win 7PRO-64. Disc 2 has Win 7 ultimate-64 as the active partition and XP installed in a logical partition. After upgrading the Win7 ultimate install the xp install is not recognized by Easybcd; the Win 7 oses boot normally. I made sure Easybcd pointed to the correct drive letter, made sure the NTLDR files were installed, etc. THe Win7 install disc repair routine did nothing. I deleted the XP entry presuming Easybcd would restore it. Now Easybcd says "access to the path c:\NST\ntldr is denied." The Win 7 security settings give full access to the system to those files so what am I missing? Is there any way to get XP back? Also in the EasyBCD View Settings two entries are listed, the two Win 7 installations. But when the computer boots the SSD install is listed twice and the computer will boot to either listing (do not ask why these OSes are installed, just please help to get XP running if possible). Thanks in advance to anyone who can decipher this mess.


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Change the BIOS boot sequence to put the HDD containing the "system" partition top of the heap. You shouldn't have a data HDD showing as disk 0. It will unnecessarily slow the boot, and might be confusing EasyBCD's search for XP.

" I made sure Easybcd pointed to the correct drive letter, made sure the NTLDR files were installed, etc."

None of this has been necessary since Release 2 automated the additional non-BCD tasks previously required to complete an XP dual-boot.

If you need more help, please post a Disk Management screenshot and paste the contents of EasyBCD's "view settings" (detailed mode).
The sticky will tell you how if you need help.