Detect More Issues

Some feedback on an issue with win 8.1. boot. It took me many hours to resolve but it is the type of thing EASIBCD could easily detect, let along fix.

Added SDD added to a laptop which had a win 7 OS and normal win 7 reserve area (MBR, not GPT)
A reserve partition + win 8.1 OS was added to the SSD
- EASIBCD was used with all combinations on adding the win 8.1 but it would not boot.
(boot on HDD, boot on SSD, all the optiosn reported success!)
Giving a false error of 0xc0000428 "cannot verify the digitial signature" which had me going down the wrong rabbit holes.
The issue finally turned out to be an older bootmgr on the SSD reserve partition which caused the incorrect error. Using "attrib -r -h -s " did not work because the owner of the file was trustedinstaller.
The solution was to change ownership to an admin , then change attrib's then delete the file and copy the correct file across.

Part of the answer lied in

As an end user, you would think EASIBCD use would take care on win7 / win8.1 issues for you as it is advertised as supporting Win 8.1

>> I really hope 2.3 can be released with greater issue detection and or "just works" for more scenarios.
In my option EASIBCD should have been able to fix or detect this issue.
e.g. I suggest a pull down selection on the OS that is in the selected drive entry so the s/w can do some checks.

Some of the points were covered in
Thanks for the suggestion, Greg. It's definitely doable, and it's been brought up before. It really hasn't been done just to keep complications down to a minimum, but let's revisit the idea.