Dialogue Text for Select an OS


I guess "Pick an LH-Based entry" in EasyBCD 1.7.1 Advanced options

means Longhorn-based

....I suggest a change of wording preferably not using the word Longhorn, but even that would be an improvement on the geeky acronym for a geeky name.

I suppose it's acceptable just saying "Advance Options" rather than something indicating this dialogue is just for "Longhorn :nerd:-based OS" since this tool is for "Longhorn :nerd:-based OS" rather than why I primarily use it which is for for Multiple booting non-M$oftware; but there are such useful offshoots in other dialogues that I have to remind myself where the compartmentalisation lies in the dialogue.
If you have a suggestion for a decent alternative I'll gladly change it - I don't like it much myself.

Simply "Advanced Options" won't work because we'd get a plethora of posts asking why they can't see the XP entries and the Linux entries on that page. And "Vista Entries" won't work since it also includes Server 2008.