Did I miss something?

I am trying to install the win7 bootloader on a winXP system to get the capability of VHD boot. I have tried many many tutorials on how to perform the operation, but can't seem to get it to work.

Following the directions, I end up with a bcd, that is view/editable by EasyBCD, but when I tell it to "Install the windows vista/7 bootloader to the MBR" it doesn't actually do it. The end result is an unchanged loader and I still boot via ntldr. I have gone as far as ignoring the warning and deleting all BCD entries and it STILL boots ntldr.

My assumption is that bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot should forcefully replace the current loader system and I should at the very least see bootmgr with a boot error. I am not getting this result and it has me thinking I am doing something wrong.

I would think it would be very easy to hork your system messing with this stuff, but I just can't do it :tonguewink:

For reference, this is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. VHD Boot from Windows XP - Ramnish Singh's Weblogs.... - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Do you actually have a Vista/7 license ?
You must own a BCD to be able to use EasyBCD.
Yes, I do own a licensed copy of both operating systems. I am just trying to replace ntldr with bootmgr for the VHD boot capabilities without actually installing my copy of win7 to the disk.
Are you sure its not working? If XPs the only entry in the BCD menu it'll load ntldr immediately and so you wouldn't notice. Add another entry or two, make sure the timeouts anything but 0, and make sure that skip boot menu is disabled.
So, I have had some minor success. I found this nifty little tool on the install disk called bcdboot.exe it supposedly coppies a boot image onto the disk from an existing install. well, if you copy files from an existing install onto an xp partition it will pull from there.

Doing this left me with a misconfigured bootloader and the ability for bootrec /scanos to recognize (a fake) windows install. good times! I can fix a misconfigured loader.

I've read probably a dozen how-to's on the process and all of them neglect to mention this tool.