Difficulties with booting iso's. img's


I have never gotten this great feature to work well, usually good enough, but with the latest update from you, SuperGrub2Disk, and PartedMagic, something has gone awry. Info: Windows recovery disks work fine, SGD [fron iso or img] did work, but now only partially-the 'loop-bootable' menu choice is broken entirely, the 'list volumes' does something but it happens too fast to see and goes back to main menu, but the 'boot any OS' seems OK but I wouldn't bet on it.

PartedMagic is an interesting thing, before it would work, but I never saw the upfront menu options [with the 'extras' that wisely included SGD2], it went right to choice of RAM etc, and then loaded fine, but now it goes does to the extras menu and craps out with 'can't find sqsfs', this is also the result of numerous other attempts with booting iso's using EBCD, but with the relevant fs not being found. This is the case with the current configuration for RescaTux, ending with 'can't find boot option device'. I tried, with earlier EBCD, at least 3 or 4 linux iso's and they all crapped out with similar fs not found type errors, but I could boot them off my HD because SGD loop-bootable option worked after EBCD got it booted, but that won't work anymore which is why the moaning and groaning here. I have also tried windows and linux vhd's but don't think I ever got any of them to work. I have tried both the RAN and disk options, but this had no effect. [didn't try both options with every combo though]. I hope this makes sense.

Details: EBCD 2.1.2, latest PartedMagic is pmagic_2012_2_27_x86_64, and SGD2: super_grub2_disk_hybrid_1.99b1, I use Win7-64, currently BCD is on a separate partition from the system, before on the same, I have not tried to revert to try that option out, but had similar problems before with BCD on system disk [or the boot disk as MS calls it, the system disk has all the boot info, the boot has the system, thank you washington] as mentioned above. SGD and PM previous builds were ??? but PM at least 3 or 4 versions did this, I don't know about SGD2, what the exact versions I've used.

One last question, is there a way to specify a 'generalization' of the BCD, this is wonderfully explained on the Multibooters site, which I highly recommend to anyone using your software. I love Easy_BCD, used it for years, recommend it to anyone and everyone, finally got around to sending y'all some $$$, thank you for your great product and I hope you can help me out with what is going on.
I would advise

a) Use the latest EasyBCD beta. It contains some enhancements here.
b) Wherever possible to directly load a CD instead of the image of it, do so. i.e. for a Windows CD, extract the ISO and add a WIM entry. For a Linux CD, extract the ISO and add a NeoGrub entry.
c) Play around with both the load from disk and load from RAM options when adding the entry in EasyBCD (latest)