DigitalPersona On Vista And Windows 2003


i have i microsoft bleutooth desktop with a seperate fingerprint reader and with help from the forum intellipoint and intellitype works fine but the software for the fingerprint reader won't install (the driver is fine and works in vista)
is there anyone who can tell me how i can install this or is there other software compatible with the fingerprint reader????
Hello Jan, and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.
I'm glad to hear we could help you get your keyboard and mouse up and running.

Have you tried running the software in XP SP2 Compatibility Mode?

Right-click the exe, properties, compatibility, XP SP2, OK

Let us know how it goes with you :smile:
OK, no problem.

"Doesn't install"

what error does it give when it's trying to do what? Does it install but not run, does it crash, does the install never even start, etc.
when i try to install i get the following error

installation cannot continue due to the following problem(s):
-windows XP is required

installation will be terminated. correct the problem(s) and run installation again.

(the same I got while installing intellipoint and intellitype)

thats wy I put my question here. because here I found the solution for that problem.

I was hoping someone could make another fantastic .ini file that would work with this program
Hello Jan,

I've just finished hacking the file, but I'm going to need you to test it and make sure it works 120% before we release it on NST...

I'm PMing you the link now.
first thanks for the quick response.
the program installs fine now bud it can't bring any life to the fingerprint reader.
at the end of the installation it try's to "turn on" the reader but that doesn't work.
after a reboot the program works but it doesn't find the reader.(it shows in device manager with no errors)

thank's for trying

Wil have to wait until MS does their work.