disable timeout but still access windows bootloader?


I don't know of where this thread should go to, so if it's in the wrong place, I'm sorry, I didn't know.

I have tried to research about the windows bootloader disabling timeout but still go onto the windows bootloader menu, but I have not found any information about disabling the timeout while still going onto the windows bootloader.
I know that GRUB bootloader is possible to do this, but I'm not sure about the windows bootloader.
so it begs the question. is it possible to disable timeout while still accessing the windows bootloader?

- Soldjermon
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Not really. You can put a large number for the timeout, though.


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why thank you, Computer Guru. X3 I've known about message boards and know my way around them. so that's why I set up mostly everything I had for my profile and account even before I start posting.

but anyway, from what I've researched, it is possible to disable the timeout on the windows bootloader. all I did was to set the time to 999 seconds, which for some odd reason, disables the timeout. but oh well, works for me. :3

- Soldjermon