Disable User Logon Screen?


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I am wondering if there is a way in VISTA to disable the user login screen. I know there is a way to disable it in the beginning, but is there a way to have the computer NOT lock when it goes into standby or hibernation mode? I dont have a user password set up, so its really annoying that it doesnt just resume to the desktop.

Any suggestions? I know this can be done in XP, but it is not in the same place in vista...
I guess i should have specified that I dont have drivers installed, so hibernate isnt exactly enabled :booyah:

I think I found a way around it by putting in an old graphics card and vista will install its own drivers, and then enable hibernate... we will see what happens.

BUT ANYWAYS, if anyone knows of a register, or something else I can mess around with to have the system not lock after hibernate, that would be greatly appreciated!
In the "Power Options" control panel applet, you should have an option (somewhere) to "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby."

That should do the trick.
I know that option is there, but the thing is, I didnt want to install drivers on the hard drive that I am creating, and that option isnt there when there arent any drivers installed (because hibernate and standby have to be supported by your video card).

I hope (think) I found a solution that just involved putting in an old graphics card, and then deleting it after I set that option. Hopefully it will work when I put in another card and install drivers :smile:

- Jeff
Have you gone into the Screesaver settings and disabled the password/go back to welcome screen?

I know it sounds really stupid but this is how i have my PC setup and i dont ahve any issues when it comes out of sleep.

I could jsut be wrong.