Disc Formatting tools

Nice thread, Mak.

Here's another tool:
* dd for Windows

It's a dos port of the famous unix dd program, which lets you do really amazing and powerful stuff with your MBR and bootsector, including wiping them free of data. Only downside is.... it's very powerful and a tad complicated :smile:
Well after seeing all of the questions asked about Disc killers i figured this would be a good place for them to start. :smile:
I'm sure it'll help.

There were a couple of other MBR tools I used to use before I became proficient in dd, I'll post them when I remember their names :lol:
Active Kill Disc

Old thread gets re-lit :joy:

Anyway Hi :smile: so I joined up to get some info on AKD is it free as just the other month I went to download it from the same link and it wasnt free, well it was but not a full version as you couldnt change the options for how many passes and yet you can now, does anyone know when this change took place.

Hi Toaster, welcome to NST.

You can still grab the free version here or here.

Hello mate, cheers for the links, so do you know if this cans et the passes upto 7 times, whats the difference between paid for and freebie, any ideas?


Edit: Aaah found the difference the freebie only does 1 pass.
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