Disk problem

hi i have loaded the disc got as far as the product number put that in lots of times getting code error Ox80070002 is there anything else i can do to get files loaded thank you in advance paramedicray dublin


opps sorry only newbie
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Would you care to be a bit more specific Ray ?
What disk ?
If you're referring to our Vista or W7 recovery ISOs, they're not free copies of the OS.
They contain no installation files so the "Install" button has no function.
They are there so you can access the "repair your computer" link (bottom left), and will only enable you to fix a broken boot process, not a broken OS.
hi Terry60
thank you for your reply, i downloaded the windows vista 64bit torrent file an burned it onto a disc with roxio i put in in the laptop toshiba L40-14N an it started windows which is more than i was getting , i tried the repair files no drivers could be found then it came up cannot find D:\source\setup, error code Ox80070002, so i was lost after that so i was wondering if there was any other file i could get, i saw the same question a few times in the forums but answers or suggestions, i had formatted my hard drive and tried to load a copy of windows XP an it said it could not find the hard drive so i bought a new 40GB hard drive an thought would solve my problem but it did not find that one either so i am back to square one again any help would be grateful thank you paramedicray dublin
Is your XP an old CD (pre SP2 ?)
If so, it will lack SATA drivers and can only be installed on an IDE HDD or a SATA set to IDE mode in the BIOS. To utilize fully the benefits of SATA, you'll need to get SATA drivers for your onboard controller from the OEM website, and use F6 to pre-load them from a floppy.