disk1: error


please, looks like i just killed my pc and y need some help. got a pc with vista and did another partition to install OSX from Ideneb 10.5.5 and after installing it and rebooting it couldn't boot vista, not even osx. so i used repair startup from my vista dvd and after some work said that it fixed something but when i rebooted just got this: "boot1: error".

so to see if my hd just died i used an ubuntu live cd and just in live mode i can see my old partitions and data (thank god) but any way if i try to install ubuntu in the mac partition so i can recover my vista data, i would really kill my pc becouse in the ubuntu installation shows like there's no partitions on my hd like a full disk, but i can see my my partitions in live mode so they have to exist.

i really need some help, cant do anything right now:shame:
I'm assuming you are trying to get OS X running on a non-mac pc probably using an illegal copy no doubt due to the fact the pc came with vista pre-installed. NeoSmart doesn't support getting OS X running, we just try to help users make it easy to dual-boot with Vista and thier existing, legal, and working OS X installations on thier macs.

Now what I would do is copy your data using the live disc to another partition where it will be safe for when you re-install Ubuntu as you intend to.
Yeah...like Justin said, we can't help you do anything illegal, as this could get CG (the owner of this site, and creator of the software it promotes) into serious trouble. You will need to own a MAC computer yourself, before we can help you with dual-booting OS X with Windows...:wink: It would be against the rules if we helped you now.

ilegal osx will be punished

yeah i believe now ilegal osx was a bad idea that came from one of my friends and i just wanted to try it, and i actually got a mac mini (dont lough) but installing osx on my pc was like a challenge no more, i still got my mac. But i think what u ar suggesting Kairozamorro is gonna be impossible since tha ubuntu setup program only detects an empty hard drive, with no partitions; instead of the live interface (lets put it that way) shows all my old partitions and let me explore them.
i was thinking on puttting all my data in a partition from mu ubuntu live cd but after doing this, the installation will not detect it and will erase my partitions.
By the way, trying to install windows again, the installation does not even detect my hd.The only option it shows is load drivers for hd, and if i try to use Repair Computer > Startup Recovery > Prompt and try to access C: it says "the volume does not contain a recognized file system. Make sure all required file system are loaded and the volume is not corrupted"

Please need help and of course i wont try to install osx again on my pc. Ill stay with my very old :x mac mini.
Try clicking "next" even if it can't find a Vista to repair. It sometimes kick starts the process, which you'll need to run another 1 or 2 times after Vista reappears. (if it does).
If it doesn't, try disconnecting the other disk temporarily while you attempt the auto-repair.
Having another HDD connected can cause the recovery disk to miss Vista, which will reappear when it's on the only HDD.