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Help a noob!! This is my desperate cry for help! lol. Sorry but I thought I'd be able to plug and play and now I'm just growing a headache. I have a desktop running Vista 64 and a laptop running Vista 32. The laptop mobo died so I removed the hard drive and plugged it into an expansion port on my computer so I can access the files. After researching I decided to try EasyBCD to dual boot so I can run my old hard drive when needed instead of just accessing files. I installed and now after restarting I'm getting:

File: /boot/bcd
Status: 0xc0000098
Info: The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry.

What should I do now? I don't want to make things worse and lose any data. Please help. Thanks in advance.
it's very rare that Windows will work when transferred from computer to computer like that. The reason is that Windows has drivers for particular hardware installed and it expects that hardware to be present at every boot. The only way to do it is to reinstall Windows.
O. So this isn't possible? So then what should I do about getting everything back to normal? I'm stuck on this boot manager screen. Disconnect new hard drive?
I can't help you there, I am also a noob with respect to EasyBSD. I just knew the answer to your question. I do know that fixing your problem will involve using your Windows DVD and selecting recovery. You'll need to fix the boot commands with some code that I don't know. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply. Or you could google fixing boot on Windows.
Just fixed.

1. Boot from your windows vista DVD.
2. Click the options which says Repair your computer.
3. Select the Operation system and click next.
4. In System recovery options, click Start up repair. Let the repair finish.
5. Restart your computer

Wow, Razoray, you really are one lucky son of a gun! The odds of being able to boot from that laptop HD on your desktop were next to zero - so congratulations :smile:

As jastpema says, there's a lot of hardware-specific stuff happening at boot time, it's really incredible that it was willing to boot after repairing the BCD!
well, I don't think that was what was fixed. After attempting to get the dual boot working nothing could boot, so I suspect (s)he means that the original installation was fixed.