Do I purchase Win 7 x64?

Hi - I need Win 7 x32 recovery, but it seems I can only purchase& download the 64 version from your site. Is this correct, and if I purchase it, will it work? Thanks!


i think I've found the answer - will repost if I'm wrong:smile:


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Hi CathrynH, yes as the website states "Works with all languages, editions (32/64 bit), and service packs" - just pick the appropriate one for the system in question.

If you're having problems downloading your recovery CD, the following links should prove helpful:

  • Repairing the Bootloader: A guide to booting into and using the Windows repair CDs, with instructions on how to repair many problems.
  • Free Download Manager: Use this if you're experiencing problems with incomplete downloads, download timeouts, or download corruption.
  • Guide to burning CDs: Follow the instructions here to convert the ISO image you download from here into a bootable CD that can be used to repair your PC.
If you're still having problems downloading, burning, or booting, you should send an email to
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