Do it right the first time.


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After several days of aggravation at nor being able to dual boot Vista & XP i decided it was time to start over.
I read some more comments on the forum and decided I needed to reinstall XP. ON the desktop I had added a hard drive to an HP that had Vista pre-installed. My mistake was not installing XP with the Vista drive running. Next thing, VERY IMPORTANT have a copy of .NET 2.0 framework ready to install. EasyBCD will not install on the XP drive without it. I did not have it handy and had to go find it and then install it. Once installed on XP, EasyBCD worked as advertised with no tweaks needed on my part.
Hello Gremlin, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, and thanks for using EasyBCD.

That's an important you pointed out and the cause of most of the grief by people having trouble dual-booting Windows XP and Windows Vista: they always turn off the Vista drive before they install Windows XP.

I should probably add that to the FAQ in the documentation - thanks for bringing that to my attention :smile: