Does EasyBCD kill USB boot?


On my fairly new Toshiba Satellite I have EasyBCD installed, booting Win 7 and Ubuntu 10.10.
I made a bootable USB stick with Damn Small Linux on it, selected USB as my boot drive (after hitting F12 at bootup) but the EasyBCD menu started. So, I hit F2 at restart and changed USB to be the first boot, but same result. Does EasyBCD somehow interfere with booting from a USB stick? Or do I need to do something in EasyBCD?



I'll answer my own question - No, EasyBCD doesn't affect USB boot! To boot from USB on my Toshiba you have to make the USB option first by changing the BIOS Setup, then pressing 'U' at bootup time - this last bit I didn't know. I do now.
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Hey clark, thanks for updating your post with that last bit, I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future when we get some other member with Toshiba USB-boot-related problems :smile: