Does EasyBCD work on windows 10 as host?

According to the main website EasyBCD is windows 10 ready:
According to the wiki windows 10 cannot be used as host system:
Supported Operating Systems
I couldn't discover any post that makes this clear.
I have a Linux Kubuntu 14.04 OS and want to install windows 10 having a dual boot system afterwards not using a Linux boot loader, if this is possible. I don't have UEFI secure boot.


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That second link is merely out of date, i.e the URL page has not been updated since W10 emerged.
All WIndows since Vista are logically identical in the way they boot, with the exception that W10 arrived at more or less the same time as the widespread adoption of UEFI on new PCs
UEFI (rather than W10) boots slightly differently, and Windows UEFI implementation came with a number of Microsoft restrictions which mean that a lot of EasyBCD features cannot be used (they're greyed out).
If you have an MBR/legacy BIOS installation of W10, then you can do what you want, i.e boot Linux through bootmgr, but if you have a GPT/UEFI W10, it cannot be persuaded (even by EasyBCD) to accommodate legacy (or foreign) OSs, only other "Longhorn" systems (Vista -> W8.1)
Thanks, Terry, for your quick reply. That's good news. As I have an MBR/legacy BIOS installation I'll be able to have EasyBCD migrating back to windows again after seven years of linux hassle. Great. Thanks again.