Does the Changelog need changing !


I have never seen any changelog like the EasyBCD log as it appears on Softpedia.
This shows 21 crashes and defects you have identified in,
with the implication they will be fixed in the future.

I am happy to assume that you are listing minor blemishes that have now been fixed with the current release,
but a stranger looking for a bootloader might conclude that this is a Beta (or even Gamma) release with 21 problem areas that must be avoided, and may immediately lose interest in EasyBCD and look at all the others.

I suggest a change to show that the crashes etc have now been fixed and are not ongoing issues.

Incidentally, when I search on Softpedia for "Dual Boot" there are only two results, neither of which is EasyBCD. Perhaps you should alter something so that you also appear in those results.

When I search for "bootloader" EasyBCD appears in the list with 5 others.
Softpedia shows a total of about 300,000 downloads, of which 90% = 271,000 were EasyBCD.
I am amazed that AVR Bootmanager is top of the search results
even though it has not altered since July 2007, and has only achieved 3,401 downloads.
I feel a conspiracy theory coming on ! ! !

Hi Alan,

The changelog lists things that have been *fixed*, not necessarily "changed."

As such:

[EBCD-385] - EasyBCD will crash if an operation that it expected to take a long time finishes instantly
[EBCD-386] - EasyBCD crashes if you attempt to save entry settings with no entry selected
[EBCD-387] - Cannot add multiple WIM entries


Are all issues that *were fixed* in 2.0.2, not introduced as new bugs!

But I guess you already realize that... but you're right, a lot of people wouldn't. I should definitely make it more obvious by changing it to "Fixed: ....." and will do so in the future. Thanks :smile:

As for the listing on Softpedia - I'll have a word with them. We're actually on pretty good terms with their team as one of the more popular system utilities on their site, I'll see if we can optimize the search terms some.

Thanks again!