Does Win7 Repair Disk MD5 checksum matter?


I’m trying to create the Windows 7 64 bit System Repair disc as described at:

In that discussion, I noticed that Fred on Oct. 25th, 2010 at 3:06 am said that the MD5 checksum for this iso was: Windows 7 64-bit Repair Disc.iso 100% f1f6e88c2c658981de65873a4d236c93

So I downloaded the torrent, then downloaded the Microsoft MD5 checksum calculator at:

But when I run this checksum calculator on the iso that I downloaded, the result is:

which is NOT the same as Fred’s checksum on Oct 25, 2010.

Does this matter? This is the first time I am doing any of this, so I’m not sure whether or not this is a problem. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Is your W7 system broken ?
If not, you can just create your own directly
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disk
Ours is just a copy of that, hosted here in case you didn't create one before W7 broke.
Incidentally, you don't need one at all if you have a MS W7 DVD. It does the same thing.
Seems like something is wrong with the utility, because that's the MD5 for something entirely different.

You don't need to validate the MD5 because bittorrent has its own checksum validation. If your torrent client gave you a 100% complete message, then the download is indeed valid and OK.
Thank you for your responses. I have a brand new Dell 15R/N5010 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. These systems don’t come with a W7 install disk, so I tried to make a Windows 7 64 bit System Repair Disk with this system. But when I try to boot from the created disk, I get a white message box with the error message: “Error: 0x4001100200001012” and an OK option. After I press OK, the system boots normally from the hard disk without using the System Repair Disk that I just created. I also ran the system file checker using the command: Sfc /scannow
Everything was apparently OK since I received the message:
“Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.”
I actually may have caused this problem myself since I removed (partly by mistake) the Dell Datasafe Online Backup program since I didn’t plan to use it. I assumed that the Dell and Windows 7 backup procedures were independent and unrelated but that may have been an error.
In any event, the error message above is apparently a common problem and widely reported but neither Dell nor Microsoft will fix or diagnose it. Consequently, I am trying to make a System Repair disk myself.
The torrent did in fact complete correctly. I was just thinking it might be good to verify it somehow. But if, as you say, that’s not necessary, I will continue with what I have. Thanks again.