Doesn't boot to Mac OS X (Configuration XP + Vista + Mac OS X)


I was wondering if someone could help me. I have installed Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X to individual primary partitions on the HDD. I started with installing Mac OS X first then proceeded to install Windows XP and at last installed Windows Vista.

My problem is when I try to boot to Mac OS X, I just see glimpse of darwin bootloader with "|" on the screen for a fraction of second and then it simply restarts and goes back to the Windows Vista bootloader.

Just to try and resolve the issue and check whether Mac OS X was booting, I used the Vista install disk and made the partition into which Mac OS X was installed active. Then rebooted only to get HFS+ partition error.

Then I went back to XP to after setting the XP partition as active and then went and tried the HFS+ Partition Error repair in Easy BCD but no luck.

I had exactly followed the instructions in the Easy BCD documentation to install the bootloader and add the entries. I do not know what might be going wrong. Please help.

Note: All above steps have been tried with Easy BCD 1.6
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Hi Vinnbhaskar, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

May I ask what version of OS X you're installing? 10.?.?
If you get the "|" that means that it is loading, but the default is set to Windows, not OS X.

You should probably reinstall to get the bootloader working again.