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I downloaded the repair disk, followed all of the steps and still nothing happens. I have windows vista and the windows will not start successfully with the safe mode options and it will not let me select either option. I made the CDROM DRIVE 1st on boot up but once I put the DVD(what i burned it on) in the screen just goes black, and stays that way for a while then finally the windows will not start sucessfully comes back up?? No reinstall CD so I really need some help here
If you can get to the boot menu where you are offered "Safe" "last known good..." etc, then the boot isn't broken, so you can't fix it with our repair ISO. It's to help you get to the boot menu on an otherwise functional OS.
The problem is occurring later on in the startup.
What symptoms or messages do you get ?
What's the make of PC ?
Do you have the user handbook to instruct you in "factory reset" of the PC ?
If you need to resort to that, you can rescue your user data first like this
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It lets me get to that screen but not any farther. It will just begin like its going to load up and then it goes back to the screen. It never fully boots just gives me the message that windows did not start successfully...start up in safe mode,safe mode with networking, last known good config, start windows normal. it never gets past this point.It is an Emachines with vista on it. It is my friend's computer and she threw away the reinstall disk on accident. anymore suggestions?
Emachines accesses its recovery partition with F11 at power-up I believe.
Have you tried that ?