Don't works if Windows XP is alone



I am trying to reinstall my PC (XP, then 7, and Ubuntu).

On Windows XP, I installed EasyBCD 2.0.1 Final and iReboot
Windows 7 and Ubuntu are not yet installed.

If I run EasyBCD or iReboot, I get a crash message.

I know the solution: Install Windows 7 because the folder "BOOT" Windows 7 does not exist.

Best Regards, Dagobert_78


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There is something to remember. EasyBCD is to be used to configure the BCD which only comes with Vista/Win7. So by not having Win7 installed yet, there is no reason to have or use EasyBCD at this point in time. As upon installing Win7 you will get the BCD and at that point it will be worth it to install and use EasyBCD.

since you have not yet installed Win7 at this time, or maybe you have, EasyBCD isnt going to serve a purpose till you have it installed and configure the multi boot setup.