Dos 6.22


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I am new to this forum and have 2 problems.
1. I can log in ok with my user name and password. When I added an OS to the Easybcd boot menu (it was for DOS 6.22) there is a message to "put io.sys and msdos.sys at the start of the active partition - if you want to know how to do this click YES" When I click YES the system goes on line to the forum and the only links showing for DOSxx are for Mahmoud al-Qudsi. If I click these I have to enter my userid and password again, and fill the "catcha" box with the characters showing. NO ENTRY HERE IS ACCEPTED after trying umpteen times! How do I get to the documentation page for Dos to learn how to put the 2 Dos files at the start of the active partition?

2. Next problem is to get Easybcd to boot into my Dos system from the boot menu. Windows message reads: \NST\NST_DOS.MBR missing or corrupt. I should add that I have 3 hard drives in my PC dedicated to Win 7 Pro, XP home, and MSDos 6.22.

If someone could help me with problem 1, I might be able to fix problem 2 (although I doubt it!!