DOS, XP, Vista one bootloader ? help please


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I am having trouble with a Vista DOS and Win XP system, the DOS partition will be set up to automatically restore a ghost image to both the vista and XP partitions. I am pretty sure that I have seen it done., but when I installed Vista it set its drive as C, which is the drive DOS is on, so the Vista bootloader automatically had DOS and previous version of windows listed, but choosing DOS failed as I guess it thinks its on D:\ from vista point of view ? if I choose previous version of windows of course I get the old XP loader which then allows me to choose DOS and it works from there, but it would be nice to only have one bootloader. (Incidentally, vista bootloader thinks that XP is on D also )

can EasyBCD help or do I need to reinstall everything again

the only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong is that my drive is are set up
1st partition is primary and a small one that was on my dell it has the dell recovery ultis on it I think. 2md is a 1 gb dos partition FAT 16 primary, the next is a 10 GB images partition, also primary then there is a logical drive of 70 GB for XP and another logical drive of 70 GB for vista. Also I installed witht e Dell install disks so maybe they do something that sets teh default drive in vista or something ?

thanks for your help


duuh, well just in case anyone else is as stupid as me here is what fixed it.

I was using DOS 7.10 and so when adding a new entry in EasyBCD I was choosing DOS, but when I added an etntry for windows 98 it loaded up DOS for me :grinning:

That did leave me having to edit the boot.ini from the DOS drive to remove the old entry for DOS so that XP went straight into XP and there was not a second entry for DOS in the vista bootloader.

but works great, what a cool little util
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