Double W7 with hidden partitions


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Hi Guys,

I need some help with setting up my boot sequence.

I have installed 2 Windows 7, on one disk, each on separate partition.

What I want to achieve is:

- When using Win7 number 1 the other partition (with Win7 number 2) has no drive letter
- when using Win7 number 2, the partition with Win 7 number 1 has no drive letter.
So neither OS can see the other one.

When I have installed the second Win 7, unfortunately it doesn't recognize that there is another system and it doesn't give me the option to choos which OS should be loaded.

EasyBCD shows me, that there is only one record in boot sequence, and I'm not sure how to add another one, as I can't choose the path, because the other OS is on the hidden partition (no drive letter).

Is there a chance to achieve what I need?

Before I have had installed Windows Vista + Windows 7 and after installation of Win7 it automatically gave me the boot menu. And the configuration was exactly the same, Win Vista couldn't see Win 7 partition and Win 7 couldn't see Win Vista partition.

Thanks for any help.
Hi Zee,

The easy fix is assigning the partition a letter and than using EasyBCD to create the entry. Once thats done and you've rebooted to test, it should be safe to remove the letter assignment. Though EasyBCD works with drive letters when setting up entries, BCD refers to the device because letters are unique assignments in each Windows system.