Downgrade from Vista to XP Professional

Hi, new here and i need some help.
I have a Dell Studio 1735 Laptop that has been downgraded to XP Professional from Vista, but I have no drivers. Can someone please tell me how i can find drivers for my laptop to start working again, Thanks!!!!
Hello darkninja365, welcome to NST

Go to and select Drivers & Downloads. Select your system and page should come up with all the drivers you need. Under Operating System make sure XP is selected.
And if Dell doesn't have any XP drivers for you model (they didn't for my Dell Studio 1535), then you will need to hunt them down manually using Google.
Good luck. :wink: In my case, it was quite a pain to hunt down drivers that would work, and took a while, though I eventually found drivers for all the devices on my system on XP, except for the fingerprint reader one. Dell only had the drivers for Vista, so I had to seek other sources to locate drivers that would work.


Hey, thanks, I've tried that but when i select OS, the only options are either Windows Vista 34 or 64 bit, and bios, what else can i do?


Hey, thanks, where do i start looking for them and is there any way i may be able to go back to Vista without having to buy the OS outright?
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Dell should have provided a Vista DVD (probably purple) with your purcahse. If you're lucky enough you should still be able to find the right drivers on Dell's site, just maybe under different models. They use some of the same hardware in multiple systems. As long as you get the right drivers for your hardware and for the right OS it doesn't matter which model page you get it from. You can do a search for them to find them, say something like "WLAN 1390 + XP" if you were looking for that paticular wireless card. That's how I had to get a wireless driver for XP when I first got my system cause all they supposedly had were drivers for Vista. You'd probably be much safer getting drivers from Dell if at all possible before looking to other places for them.